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Automated Calling

We specialize in helping service centers, offering low cost methods through technology.
Good Communication = Good Business.

Send the right message to the right customer at the right time – automatically. Update the customer that the technician is on the way thru our Intelligent SMS Solution.
Ask your customer on a scale of 1-5 how would they rate their service using a friendly automated voice call and collecting answers immediately. Surveys can be as simple as one question or as complicated as you like to get what you need for pennies a minute.
Remind your customer base its time for a maintenance call or let them know you have a special promotion then ask them to JustPressOne to talk to a live operator for additional questions or to place an order.
In our busy lives we forget important appointments; remind your customers of their appointment time and date. Allow confirmations or cancellations on a single voice call saving the expensive appointment “no shows.”
Transcription is the best way to convert your recorded audio messages into highly accurate, searchable and readable text.
There’s more… check out our Call Center Services!
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