How “robo” call/text messages can streamline your business?

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How "robo" call/text messages can streamline your business?

It is simple to keep your customer informed of their service call progress at a very low cost per call while reducing repetitive administrative processes.

Here are a few places “robo” calls/text messages work for you:

  • Notifying a customer that you received their dispatch

  • Notifying a customer of their service appointment time window the day before service
  • Notifying a customer their part has arrived; calling to schedule the follow up service
  • Stock unit is completed; ready for pick-up
  • Confirming customer information on auto-dispatches
  • Technician is in transit notification
  • Weather related and other delays; service is cancelled
  • Post call satisfaction surveys – measure performance
  • Part delays, COD rate reminders and many many more…..

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Did you know that the ServiceBench Business Management Software   enables service companies that provide field or on premise service to maximize the operational productivity of their work force and is scalable for any business size, in virtually any industry and provides users the flexibility to easily configure the software to run their businesses the way they want to.

Field technicians have mobile access to proven tools that enable them to manage their schedules and job details, access product triage information and research and order parts with seamless real time connections to your company’s preferred suppliers.  Plus, office staff get near instant job updates and can visually see each technician’s location for intelligent emergency job scheduling and assignment.
 Watch this video to see it in action. We think you’ll be surprised.

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